Saturday, August 24, 2013

Olivia cooked dinner!

Olivia desperately wanted to cook dinner for us so I finally let her. I pulled up my "Yummies" board on Pinterest and let her pick whatever she wanted. She chose, Cheesey Vegetable Chowder. After school we went grocery shopping to get the ingredients we'd need. Then she did most of the work. She chopped carrots, potatoes, and broccoli. I did the onion since those make her cry. She stirred, and watched for it to boil, and added all the ingredients. I was HEAVILY supervising this dinner making deal, but she really did a lot herself. She was SO proud of it, and asked if she could cook every Friday. Sounds good to me!

Oh and don't you love the booty shot? And Nathan's birth mark that everyone thinks is poop the first time they change his diaper? Don't report us to the health dept... And they did start with clothes on, they just got wet and filthy and ended up stripping. Which is usually the norm around here? Anyone else? Anyone... ?


  1. My daughter spend most of her time naked. either because she has soaked herself, peed her pants, refused to wear the clothes I chose, or just plain feels like it. And bravo for letting her make dinner! It ends up being more work in lots of ways, but what a great skill and experience you are giving her. Great job!

  2. Oh my goodness! Naked children at the hot stove and with knives, oh my! ;) My oldest son has a birthmark like that too :) That soup looks great! Great job, Olivia.