Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Don't really have much to say but want to keep updating!

Really there's not much to write about. Our days consist of swimming in our pool, watching Netflix, taking Olivia to and from school, and naps.

Oh wait there was something funny that happened yesterday.

So something glorious happens (almost) every day in our house. While Olivia is at school, Nathan takes a nap, and Abigail and I do "Mommy school". But then at 1:00, Mommy school is over and Abigail and I go take a nap together. It's the best. I wake up at 1:45-2:00 and then go do chores until it is time to wake up the littles and go get Olivia at 3:15.

Well some days are not so glorious and Nathan decides his nap is over at like 1:15. So as soon as I lay down and Abigail is asleep, he wakes up. Such was the case yesterday. But I didn't want to move. I listened to him yell from his crib, "Mom! Mommeeeeee... MOM..." Ya know the drill. Maybe 5 minutes of this, and then he starts yelling, "DAAAAAD! DADA" He totally gave up on me and started asking for his dad. Made me smile, and then after a couple minutes of that, I hear, "BINKY! *kissy sounds* BINKY! *kissy-dog-calling-sound*".  So he gave up on both of us and started calling the DOG! Cracked me up, and I finally dragged myself out of bed and got him up.

His sleep lately has been terrible. Short naps, going to bed late, waking up early... hoping it's a phase that ends very quickly.

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  1. Family nap time is sacred in our house and I turn into an ogre when the children do not respect it properly by refusing to 1) nap at the same time or 2) nap at all. I hope the phase is short lived.

    On another note, YAY FOR A POOL!