Wednesday, August 28, 2013

My cute kids

So we started our first family garden. I honestly don't know who's more excited about it, me or the kids. We were looking at the seeds and getting all excited and my girls started chatting about all the fun things we will harvest in 50-75 days. Olivia's carrots will be ready just in time for Thanksgiving... I hope. 

But then they started talking about people who don't have food. And maybe we should put out a sign and let poor people who don't have food come pick food from our garden. And give them a basket, and let them fill their basket with our veggies.

Made my heart warm and me giggle, and made me think, "Do you kids have any idea how much money we have spent on this garden already?"

I had no idea how expensive soil was! And the lumber for the box... plus all the work. I really hope this garden produces something. I am afraid we planted it in too shady of a spot.  But I was thinking it is AZ and the sun is still really strong here, so maybe it will be just right. *fingers crossed* But ya know we gotta feed all the poor people in Yuma so this garden has got to grow.


  1. The initial investment in a garden is brutal! But it's fun and following the prophet and eventually it is just the cost of seeds and water. Can't wait to see What comes up!

  2. Throw in pumpkin seeds. Gardens are the best, so much potential and kids will often eat food they grew.