Friday, May 3, 2013

Dear Lily

Dear Lily,
     There is a line in a song that I sing to my own babies, but has been going through my head all day and I feel it's even more appropriate to sing to you. "On the day that you were born, the angels got together and decided to create dream come true..."
        On this day that you were born I felt the need to write something. Because I don't know what else to do. And I started to write a blog post (you'll learn all about those some day. It'll be like what they used to do back in the old days by the time you can read this I'm sure!) and it just wasn't coming out right. Then I realized I wanted to talk to you. And I wanted to tell you about my best friend, your Mama.
         I know I'm just one of many lucky people who get to call your Mama their best friend. This is because your Mama is the most amazing person ever. We first met in third grade in Miss Miller's class. But we didn't become best friends until our Bayshore Middle School days. I'll always be grateful that my last name started with W, and hers with T, because it meant we got to sit by each other for a lot of things and got to be in the same Homeroom. And then there was Mr. Pingatore's Science class. This is where your mom and I would sit in the back of the room and make each other laugh for 45 minutes, Monday-Friday. Mr. Pingatore never really yelled at us for talking or laughing, and we really got to know each other in that class. The first time we ever hung out, outside of school was at a gym on a "Teen Night". We went swimming, and your great-grandfather picked us up and dropped me off at home. I think that was the only time I ever met "PopPop", but I feel like I knew him because of Cathy's stories. From then on we were pretty much inseparable and spent as much time as we could together. Most of our time was spent talking about boys, wondering what it meant to fall in love, and reading greeting cards in the drug store to find answers.
          I can remember walking down my drive way with her and we were talking about how "old" we were because we were turning 13! We thought we were leaving our childhoods behind us and becoming adults. Little did we know just how much growing up we would do together! We listened to each other as we both "fell in love" for the first time. And cried on each others shoulders when those loves didn't work out.
         We grew up, but never grew apart. Well at least emotionally. Our lives took us different places, and now I live 2,000 miles away in Arizona. I miss your mom so much and wish I could be there cuddling you right now and hugging her! Lily, I hope you know how much you were wanted. I don't think I've ever known another baby to be so anticipated as you. I know when the time is right your mommy and daddy will tell you all about your angel brothers, and everything your mom and dad went through before they got you. But I want to let you know you have been prayed for long before you were born by multitudes of people who likely you will never even meet. You are loved beyond comprehension. By your parents and family, and friends, and even people who don't even know you! That is something so special, and as you grow up and wonder, as teenagers often do, why you are here, I want you to know you are here for a great purpose, Lily Grillo. You are important, and you are loved more than you could possibly know.
       I am so grateful to be friends with your Mama so I will have the opportunity to watch you grow up. I am sure as you grow up you will face lots of challenges like your mom did. But look to her for a great example of how to handle it. She has been through more than anyone else I know, and has always had the best attitude. You can look to your mom always, and I am certain she will be there for you to help you and guide you on this journey. She may not have all the answers, because the truth is none of us do, but your mom has grown and learned so much from all she been through, you would be hard pressed to find anyone more wise and understanding than she.
       I have not even met you yet, Lily, but I love you so much!


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