Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Last day of preschool.

Okay I love having this blog to look back on what my kids were doing at what time. So this will be a boring post, probably very disjointed since Nathan is running around leaving a path of destruction behind him.

Today was Olivia's last day of preschool. She got to book 14! She still has huge confidence issues when it comes to reading but I'm so proud of how hard she tries. She is the sweetest girl and I'm so lucky to be her mom. Abigail was having a major freak out and Olivia was sitting next to her telling her to take deep breathes and just trying so hard to help her calm down. It was a sweet moment. She is always wanting to serve and surprise people. Her favorite thing right now is probably swimming. She asks every day if we can go swim at grandpa's. And the other day she raced her cousin across the pool, and she didn't seem nearly as fast as him, but when she realized he was about to win she got this lightening speed out of nowhere and beat him. I've stories about her dad doing the same thing so it cracked me up. I'm so excited and anxious for her to start Kindergarten this fall! So crazy.

Abigail officially gave up her binkies for reals this time. And she is struggling. She's 3 and a half. It's beyond time so there's no going back this time. But she literally has not taken a nap since May 1st. 15 days!!! It's ridiculous. She went from sleeping for 14 hours a day to about 10. I keep waiting for it to catch up to her but she's just super grumpy. She melts down at the drop of a hat and it's exhausting.

And then there's Nathan. Ya know that Taylor Swift song, Trouble? That's what we sing to Nathan all day long. "I knew you were trouble when you walked in, trouble, trouble, trouble..." Because 99.9% of the time he is doing something he shouldn't be. And it usually ends in injury or a huge mess. Probably even more exhausting than Abigail and her lack of sleep! He also got a weird bug bite last week and he got really swollen. It scared me half to death but he ended up being fine. We did go the doctor and get some medicine, and I think it helped a lot. Either way it is 10 times better than it was on Monday. He also pooped on the potty for the first time! And he just came to me and asked to take his diaper off and then he ran and sat on the potty! Nothing came out... but he's making the connection. I think. I hope. He still speaks mainly in grunts and pointing. His clearest words are "Iwanthat" (yes all one word in his mind) and "Thank youuuuu" and of course "mama" and he will sometimes say "Daddy" but he doesn't say it very often, even though he wants him all the time. He usually just cries and reaches for him without saying anything. Oh and "uh-oh" that's a common one. And he sings. Always singing. None of the words are decipherable, but sometimes I can catch the tune. And sometimes I will sing to him and he always claps when the song is over. Easy to please. I'm also fairly certain that he has a caffeine addiction. "Soda" is another word he uses frequently asking grandma, daddy and aunts for soda all day long.

And for the rest of what's going on... we still aren't completely sure where we are going to be when Aaron graduates. It is stressful, but we are just living one day a time and doing what we can. I am flying out to NJ on Friday with the kids. By myself. On a plane. For five and a half hours. By myself. With all three kids. I will need help from on high that day for sure. I'm counting on the girls to be good and just play quietly with some barbies or polly pockets and their DS's. My biggest worry is Nathan. I'm sure it won't be pretty but we'll survive.

Then come back here and hopefully know what we're doing and pack up and do it!

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  1. Good luck! May I suggest wrapping each of the toys you bring for Nate? That helped J at that age because unwrapping bought me a few extra minutes of distraction with each one. And animal crackers in the actual red box. Although I'm not sure Nathan will be as fascinated with snacks that come in a "purse."

    Seriously though, I'll pray for you.