Thursday, May 16, 2013

Knock, Knock

Abigail frequently tells knock-knock jokes that make absolutely no sense. They start out with, "Knock-Knock" the obligatory, "Who's there?"    "Frog."   "Frog, who?"   "Frog was jumping in a pond and he fell down on a rock and then he got up, and hopped around, but then fell again! .... Is that funny Mama?"   It is funny. The first 25 times. Then I'm just begging for quiet. But then yesterday Abigail told me one of her epic knock-knock jokes and something she said just hit me in the gut.

"Who's there?"
"Cow who?"
"A cow who was walking around a farm, and he didn't know he was a cow! He didn't know what he was because he never saw his mother."

And then maybe there was more she said after that, but that sentence reverberated around in my brain. He didn't know he was a cow because he never saw his mother. All of a sudden my role in her establishing her identity became so clear to me.

I could pontificate on this all day. But I can also just leave it at. He didn't know what he was because he never saw his mother.


  1. Hi Lauren, it's been a while since you've posted, just wanted to say Hi and hope you are having a good summer with your crew! The big news here is that they are breaking ground in 2 weeks for a new temple just half and hour away from us! Very exciting. Otherwise, just a regular hot, muggy summer with 3 wild kids. Hope all is well! Love, Lisa