Monday, May 19, 2014

Mexico 2014

Little Liza hanging out.. she liked her cousin's toy.
But mostly she liked napping on the beach.
And can ya blame her? Cool ocean breeze, the calming sound of crashing waves, and a cuddly towel... She was so awesome the entire trip. 

The best part of going to Mexico is having a private beach. It's beautiful and no one around to have to share it with just adds so much to the experience!

I took this picture because I think it looks like a music note. This was just a random assortment of shells and seaweed and whatever... crazy, huh?

A sailboat. Just thought it was pretty.

Nathan wasn't so sure about the water. He liked it, but was scared at the same time. The first day the water was very calm and he really liked that. The second day the waves were a little bigger and noisier and he was happy just to watch.

Olivia saved my headband and sunglasses while I was doing flips in the ocean.

This girl spent every minute she could floating around in that tube, or collecting sea creatures.

I found a starfish!! My entire life of spending summers at the beach and I have never found anything other than ordinary shells... This trip I found a starfish... or as my husband would correct me, a sea star. It was really cool. It was alive and everything... until we accidentally killed it by keeping it in this bucket for hours. 
Here is it, dead. Poor sea star.
We also found a living octopus! It was so cool.... but we also killed that too. Apparently sea creatures don't do so well in buckets for long periods of time. Ooops.

 I was SO glad I got this non-alcoholic Pina Colada... It was delicious!! And served in a pineapple. 

It was an amazing relaxing weekend. So much fun and so rejuvenating. And at least when our car wouldn't start right before we left, all we needed was a jump. And at least when we got stopped at the scary military check point in Mexico they only made me and Aaron get out of the car, and let our kids stay in and then let us go without any trouble. And at least when we accidentally cut some people in line and they decided they needed to call the police on us, the police let us "pay them" in cash instead of whatever else could have happened. And at least the border patrol agent just gave us a warning for not having all the documentation for our dumb dog, even if she didn't do it very nicely it could have been worse.

So yes our drive home was quite eventful, but overall worth it for the amazing time we had on the beach!

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