Sunday, April 27, 2014

Carpe'd the heck out of that Diem

So as soon as I saw the weather report for Saturday I immediately began making plans for an epic day of outside adventure. It gets so unbearably hot here in Yuma, and a Saturday in the 70's in April was like a gift. And I wanted to make sure we made the most of it.

So I planned a hike around the Painted Desert Trail. It's about an hour away and it's an "easy" one mile hike. I don't know if those ratings take into consideration a mom, alone with a 6, 4, 2 year old and a newborn... but I wanted to try it. So we start trying to get ready at like 8:30 in the morning. Finally have everything packed, and ready to go.... and I can't find my phone. I use the "Where's my cell phone" website and I can hear it vibrating, and I'm certain it's in the couch. I literally tear apart our sectional trying to find it. I am basically in tears because we were all so excited, but I just don't feel comfortable going without my phone. 

At 10:30... so two hours later.... we decide to go to a park instead. And we had a fantastic time. We found a little trail to explore, and it lead to the Colorado River and a little beach, so we had fun throwing rocks into the water, and climbing up piles of sand, and collecting sticks. I really wish I had remembered my camera, because there were some fantastic photo opportunities. One cute moment was Abigail and Nathan running off to climb up hills and explore, and they kept holding hands. Just standing behind them, holding my baby and watching these two little kids holding hands running ahead of me makes my heart swell. 

Then we came home and cleaned up a bit, took very short naps, and then it was back outside. We played in our backyard and made a fire in the fire pit. We roasted hot dogs for dinner and marshmallows for dessert. I don't recommend making a fire by yourself when your only assistants are under the age of 7. I almost had a heart attack several times, and I'm sure the neighbors heard my screaming and were slightly concerned. But it was fun and worth it for the memories.

Then we got cleaned up, put on a movie and the babysitter came over right around the time Aaron got home. We left for our date, to celebrate our 9 year engagement anniversary. I can't believe all that craziness was 9 years ago! We were babies, and it's really a miracle we love each other as much as we do. I hope that doesn't insult my husband, but seriously there was no way I could have known after 4 weeks how perfect he was for me. But it was right :) 

And that was how we carpe'd the heck out of that Diem. Now to get ready for the heat, because I'm pretty sure it's here to stay until next year.

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