Sunday, March 16, 2014

March Happenings

We had Eliza's baby blessing. Her name is Elizabeth, but the nickname Eliza has really seemed to stick. Probably a lot to do with this song...

We also had Olivia's birthday party and had a house full of cousins. It was seriously the best day. I love having my house full of all these cousins making memories. From left to right we have Derrick, Brandon, picture is too blurry for me to know if that is Katelyn or Danielle. Olivia holding Jethro, and I'm going to guess that's Katelyn holding Eliza, Abigail, and Nathan. And there will be another baby in June! So crazy. And so much fun!

 So I was really proud of my "Ice candy" I made for the cake. I have never made candy before, don't have a candy thermometer or anything, so I was really surprised this worked as well as it did. I wanted it a little more blue, but I had Abigail helping and she squeezed the green a little too hard, and oh well. All it was was boiled water, sugar, corn syrup and lemon extract until it reached "hard crack stage" or something like that. It wasn't any where near perfect, but it was fun and Olivia loved it so that's what matters. I also wish I got a picture before the chocolate ice cream was melting out of the bottom. Olivia wanted an ice cream cake so we made a homemade one. It was delicious.
 Literally at the very last minute I decided decorating crowns would be a fun party activity. So I watched some youtube vidoes about how to make Origami crowns. They were a big hit too. I love Olivia's face in this picture.

I was also really please with my banner. I free handed the letters and was surprised with the outcome. 

Also this month I got the rest of my wisdom teeth out. It did not go nearly as beautifully as getting that first one out. It was actually The Worst. Like seriously, I'd rather go through natural childbirth a hundred times than do that again. I ended up with dry socket, and holy moly. Thank heavens I've had my sister-in-law here so I could spend a week in a drugged state, without my children or house suffering.

Then Olivia woke up with a fever on her birthday. And it stuck around until today. An entire week! Poor girl. And now Abigail has a fever. And Nathan had it right before I went to get my wisdom teeth out. So hopefully this week we will kick this bug once and for all, and get all packed up because we are going to NJ a week from today!!!!!!!! I am so excited. It will be so fabulous to see family and for everyone to meet Eiza, and Aaron and I will probably run away for a day to NYC. 

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