Thursday, September 19, 2013

Can you guess what prophet we are learning about in Mommy School?

This was actually something I just made up as I went along. I found some cardboard in our recyclable pile in the garage, and cut it up to make our Tree Of Life. We glued some white fruit on and talked about what it represented in Lehi's dream. Then we colored the "rod" and talked about what that represented. Then we read a little bit of the dream from the Book of Mormon. Then we went and got some toys and acted it out. The blocks and the fancy princesses are the "tall and spacious building". We had fun acting it out. Steve from Blue's Clues ended up falling from the rod and joining the pretty princesses in the tall and spacious building. 

Olivia's preschool was called Gospel Sprouts and she learned so many scripture stories! I am always impressed with her ability to remember what she learns. I want Abigail to have that same knowledge so I'm working on it with her.. at least trying to!


  1. You are such a beautiful,wonderful,and fabulous mother!!! I always new you would be. Love you so much!!