Monday, October 29, 2012

Why do Mormons Have so Many Babies?

I'm writing this post to answer some questions no one has ever directly asked me, but I know they've wondered. So for those of you too afraid to ask, here's the answer you weren't looking for.

If we have more babies we get a better spot in heaven.

KIDDING! Some people think we actually believe this, and I find it kind of hilarious.

Okay the truth is -- we aren't allowed to use birth control and we all like sex a super lot.

KIDDING again! (And did I just say the "s word" on my blog? Oh my gosh Aaron is going to make me delete this post.)

Mormons and Catholics have actually do have quite a bit in common, but forbidden birth control is not one of them.

So why then? Why do Mormons have so many babies? Well for one - that's a stereotype, and stereotyping is evil. I know plenty of Mormons with 2 or 3 children. Although, yes the majority seem to have at least 4. I mean my husband is 1 of 8. His mom is 1 of 9, and his dad is 1 of 8. So the stereotype definitely got started somewhere.  The truth is I really have no idea why.

But I can tell you what I think. Well I for one want six kids. This desire goes back long before my Mormon days. I don't know why 6 - but I know that's what I've always wanted. Although I won't lie, 4 looks like a better number every day. But I had this thought -- when I'm all old and can't have anymore children I can't imagine the pain of what it would feel like to wish I had had more children while I had the chance. I can't imagine being at that stage in life and thinking "Man I wish we never had those last two. They are so lame!"

And that is my complete reasoning for wanting six kids. I'm afraid I might regret it if I don't. Of course by the time I reach this post-menopausal age I will probably have lost my sanity as well as my ability to have children and maybe I will be wishing I had less children. Who knows?

So for me 6 is a number I have always wanted. And when I pray I feel like that is right.

We also believe that before we existed here on Earth our spirits are eternal and they existed in a premortal life.

Kidding! -- No, actually that one is real. We believe in a premortal existence. And I do believe my children were spirits before I gave those little spirits bodies. And I believe these spirits were designed to be mine. And I do believe there are more little spirits waiting for bodies. Little spirits meant to be part of my family.

I also believe that me and these little spirits of mine will all be spirits together again some day when we are finished with our bodies. I don't believe I was married "until death do we part". I was married "for time and all eternity". Which is like a really long time. And a really long time to hear some spirit child who never got a body complain. Okay, now that part I'm kind of joking about. I mean if I do believe in this premortal life and that spirits existed before, what does happen if there are 6 but I decide for my sanity's sake to stop at 3 or 4? Will those spirits never get a chance to have a body? I don't think so. I think God has a plan for that. I have no clue what -- but I think He has it taken care of so I won't worry.

Aaaaaaaaaaand this is the kind of post that happens when I don't sleep for days. Sorry folks. Also, this is in no way an announcement of any kind. Opie Baby #4 will have to wait a while longer before getting a body. My own body needs a break!

So uhh, did I answer your question?

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  1. yeah I'm pretty sure 6 is definitely not in the cards for me :) More power to you though.

    My mom is from a large family and my Grandma just said that in those days you didn't plan or think about it. If you were supposed to have more babies, the babies came. Number 8 came to her at 47. I know, DUDE!