Wednesday, October 3, 2012


Sorry I've been so grumpy on this here ol' blog lately. Looking at my last few posts and I look like quite a miserable person.

I'm really not.

That said....

Nathan has gotten 4 teeth in the past couple of days.

Abigail has had some weird tummy issues going on.

And I think Olivia is going through some kind of growth spurt because even though she's getting the same amount of sleep she has been so tired and grumpy by like 4 every day.

And apparently my practically brand new cell phone somehow got wet and they won't replace. The little battery strip thing isn't even red, but they opened it up and it's oxidized inside or something and so they said it must have gotten wet. I was SO upset. It's a long boring story really.

But in happy news...

It's October (I won't mention the fact that it's still 100 degrees here). October is the best month ever. My birthday, Halloween, and then the rest of the holidays quickly follow. Today we are going to put up some decorations and make homemade applesauce. That should lift my spirits.

Next blog post will have a funny story - I promise.

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  1. hey let it out no worries i hope all is good in mexico have fun