Wednesday, March 23, 2011

A poop post

When Olivia was the age Abigail is now - I was ready to potty train her. In fact I'm pretty sure she was basically potty trained at this age. At least with pooping. I remember my goal was that I wanted her completely trained by Nursery (which she started at 18months). Abigail has been coming to me with a diaper when she's poopie. I'm thinking she might be ready. But I'm SO not. At all. But this morning she was crying to sit on the little potty. I have this fear that if I don't encourage it now it will be a nightmare when I am ready. So I took her diaper off and let her go bare bottom and see what happens.

She pooped on the floor. Right in front of me. If I wasn't so busy reading I would have realized it. I was a much less lazy mom when I just Olivia. She started tapping on my magazine, and yelling. I looked up and saw it. Poop. Awesome. Get her cleaned up. Get it cleaned up. And give up and put a diaper on her. Meanwhile, Olivia is just completely disturbed by this. She has been lecturing Abigail for the last 10 minutes about pooping on the potty. And she made Abigail a "chart" that says "No pooping on the floor". I can tell that's what it is because she brought me a piece of printer paper with circles drawn on it and told me, "Mom, I made Abigail this chart. It says NO POOPING ON THE FLOOR. Ever again!" It cracked me up and made me proud all at once. Maybe I'm onto something here though. Maybe I can leave the potty training entirely up to Olivia....


  1. I love it! Olivia potty training Abigail - genious, maybe I can ge the girls to do Brandon - lol. :)

  2. that's fantastic. I say give Olivia a roll of stickers and see what happens :)

    My older sister "taught" me to read. Basically she drilled Wordbird Goes to School so much that I just memorized it. Older sisters are excellent teachers.

  3. I agree that older sisters are excellent teachers, because I was the older sister, and I did a lot of teaching! There have been stories that I potty trained everyone... I remember helping my brother with it hahaha. I also started playing "teacher" as soon as I started school... I would host "lessons" on what I learned that day after school... So, maybe if Abigail tells Olivia she needs to go potty, O will help her!

  4. AWESOME! I'm telling you I think your Olivia and my Law are SO similar! Law pretty much is potty training his little brother and it is hilarious! 'Butt' the poop chart definitely takes the cake that is SO STINKIN ADORABLE!
    *yes every pun intended -I'm pretty lame lol