Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Mommy Camp

So we traveled a lot this summer, which didn't leave any time for swim team, or gymnastic camp or any of the other stuff I thought I might sign my girls up for. And I was feeling weirdly guilty about it. I guess you talk to other moms and hear about all these ways they are enriching their children's lives and look at the amount of TV and video games your kids have been experiencing and it leads to certain levels of mom guilt. So in order to assuage myself of this guilt I decided to sign them up for camp for the last week of summer! ... Just kidding, it was too late. So I decided I'd make up my own camp. Introducing, Mommy Camp!

Monday - Cooking day. I had the girls pin some recipes they wanted to try. Together we made banana bread, ice cream in zip lock bags, and then just had them assemble cute plates with fruit and cheese and ham. They had a lot of fun. And I think they actually all learned something. I had them preheat the oven, taught them how to actually measure with dry measuring cups vs wet measuring cups, etc.  In case anyone is interested (or for myself if I ever want to do this again) these are the recipes we used : <- banana bread <-- ice cream

Today was Reading Day and we went to the library and read lots of books, came home and read lots of books... and it was kind of boring. It was supposed to be art day but I didn't have the stuff I needed. So tomorrow will be art day.

This is the project I plan on doing...

Then I'm hoping on Thursday or Friday they can go help my friend on her farm, and learn about the work involved with milking goats, collecting eggs, feeding chickens, etc. I still haven't heard back so we'll see.

Then whatever day that doesn't happen will be a water day. We'll swim, set up our inflatable water slide, put on the sprinkler, do some experiments with sinking and floating toys.

And that's what we're up to lately! I'm really quite content and happy with these people lately. It's so crazy how quickly we can forget the hard times the moment we have some good. Today Aaron got home at 4:30, and he doesn't have to go back until Friday. I swear the world is just a more beautiful place tonight. Had I written this post last night when he was working until 9, I might not seem so happy with my life.

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