Sunday, July 19, 2015

Just an update

So I better update this blog so I can remember when we got this puppy...
This is Minnie and she's a Basset Hound and she's adorable and we still love her, even after two weeks! So that's a good sign. I mean, look at those ears. So cute. And she's completely worn out after like a 5 minute walk around the block, she has to nap for at least two hours after that kind of exertion. She's chubby, and wrinkly and eats everything she sees. She is basically my spirit animal.

We drove up to Mesa last week to visit with family for Aaron's birthday and I got to stay a little longer while Aaron had to go back to work. ^ This picture was snapped while driving up and I was super angry that Eliza woke up after only a 15 minute nap. I was hoping she'd sleep for at least an hour of the drive. And I was so frustrated, but then Nathan looked at her and said, "Happy morning, Eliza beautiful!" And she smiled at him and they held hands, and my heart melted and I couldn't be angry anymore about short naps (at least for that time).

This was on Aaron's birthday. We met everyone at Joe's BBQ for lunch. These are all the grandkids. Quite a task trying to get 10 kids, 7 and under to take a picture! There are actually two parents  hiding in this picture, which cracks me up. Love all these people so much.

Summer has been really busy... looking forward to school starting, but also really still enjoying not having anywhere to be most days. And really there's only two weeks left! But I do think by the end of these two weeks I'll be ready. Hard to believe two of my kids will be gone all day! Also looking at getting Nathan into a preschool so some of the days it will just me and Eliza. Craziness!

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  1. "she's basically my spirit animal" made me laugh! I'm glad the pup is turning out well!