Thursday, January 10, 2013

Things That Have Made Me Laugh This Morning

I was feeding Nathan breakfast when I heard blood curling screams from Abigail. I jumped up and ran towards the screams afraid of what I was going to find. And then I saw Abigail coming down the stairs with a laundry basket stuck on her head. It took a lot of self control not to start cracking up right then. Part of the laundry basket was cracked and somehow her hair was stuck in it and it hurt. But just the sight was so funny. After I untangled her hair and got her settled I asked, "Can we laugh about that now, Abigail because that was pretty funny?" And she started cracking up. Love a girl with a good sense of humor.

A few minutes later Olivia was trying to build something out of some random materials she found on the kitchen table. Abigail kept "whistling" loudly through a straw, and it was driving Olivia bonkers. She "couldn't concentrate on her tower" and she was getting angrier and more and more upset. Of course she couldn't just move to another location or ignore her. No, the only thing to do was scream and yell. So I asked Abigail to come talk to me for a minute. I asked her why kept making that whistling sound when it was making Olivia so mad.

She said, "That's the song that bad guys sing. If I sing that song really loud the police will come. And then you will get your wallet back!"

My wallet was stolen 6 months ago. The stuff that sticks in her little brain that she offers up at the most random times cracks me up.


  1. LAUREN! You are such a good writer! My new year's resolution is to listen to all promptings, and I feel totally prompted to tell you that you should send your best posts to Deseret Books b/c I would not be surprised if they offered you a book deal. I'm serious! :)

  2. Thanks Lisa you are too sweet! If I didn't read your blog I would think you are my mom pretending to be some random person to make me feel good! Hahah and in your last comment about that book it sounds like it would be right up my alley!