Sunday, June 26, 2011

With a heavy heart

We are in New Jersey having a blast with family.  There is a lot I could update about, but only one thing on my mind right now.

My best friend here in NJ lost a baby almost two years ago. She was due the same week I was due with Abigail. We found out the gender of our babies on the same day. Unfortunately. her sweet baby boy was born sleeping at about 26 weeks. She was pregnant again, and set to deliver this little boy on July 12th. Just three weeks away, when she found out she has another little angel baby. This baby was born at 33 weeks 4 days, and was also born sleeping.

Words can't really express how broken my heart is for her. And I hope she doesn't mind me posting this here. But I'm sure any extra thoughts and prayers sent her way would be appreciated. I really can't believe she has to go through this again.


  1. What a sad sad story. The only thing that keeps coming to mind, is that Heavenly Father will not give us any challenges that we can not handle. Your friend, must be a strong, special person to be able to handle the challenges given to her in this life.
    My prayers and thoughts are with your friend.

  2. My heart aches for your friend. We will keep her in our prayers and what a blessing that your there to be able to comfort her at this time.

  3. That is so heartbreaking... I cannot even imagine how she feels, how you must feel while she's going through this. It is so hard to lose someone who is already so loved and so wanted. I'm hoping she feels peace and understanding with her feelings of loss. :-(

  4. o wow so sorry glad you were able to be there and help comfort her miss you guys

  5. just stumbled upon your blog.
    praying for your friend right now.

  6. wow i will keep her in my prayers for sure.
    ps. you have a BEAUTIFUL little girl!

  7. I too stumbled on your blog. I too lost a baby (20 weeks along). I am praying for your friend. If she is interested, my blog is "I measure every grief." I don't know that it is good or will help, but at least she can read and know she is not alone. Good luck to her-and to you as her friend. I could not have done it without mine.