Tuesday, September 28, 2010


Okay so I know I said I wouldn't weigh myself for a month.. but this morning curiosity got the best of me. I GAINED 2 MORE POUNDS!

Okay for reals, I'm not weighing myself again until October 28th. It's kind of inexplicable to me that I'm gaining like a pound a week.

What I ate yesterday:
Whole wheat roll with a little bit of butter for breakfast
Whole wheat roll with slice of cheese for lunch. Also grilled chicken breast and some broccoli.
Navy bean soup with low fat sausage, I started making for dinner, picked on a bit while cooking, but wasn't done at dinner time so we went to PaneraBread and I got a salad with balsamic vinaigrette and whole wheat roll, and broccoli cheese soup.

*edited to add.. I also made homemade Applesauce yesterday, which I snacked on between meals. I probably had a couple servings of that.

I know I could have made some better choices, but seriously, I've eaten like this (worse than this) my whole life, and I didn't pack on the pounds like this.

I'm going to start writing down everything I eat. I know that helps. I'm frustrated, but still hopeful. Not giving up, just working hard. But still BLAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHH!


  1. Hang in there! There's a site I really love that has a REALLY good calorie counter. It's http://www.myfitnesspal.com

  2. That seriously stinks! Have you made an appointment for your IUD? That might be causing some problems.

  3. Jamie, YES Oct 12th. Counting down the days. And I totally think it has something to do with it, so we'll see.

    And Ashley, I made a profile on myfitnesspal. Are you on there? Be my friend!

  4. Lauren, Don't beat yourself up! I've been doing Jenny Craig since January. I lost 18 pounds - then this summer I gained back 5 pounds. Everytime I went in, I use up 1/2 to 1 pound a week.
    Your body is adjusting to itself.
    Writing everything down does help. But you have to forgive yourself if you have one bad day!
    I know you can do it!