Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Foster Care Adventure Updates

So we have a newborn! And no, not an 8 week premature one from my womb, but a baby who was placed in foster care as soon as she was born. Since this blog is public I won't go into too many details about her life and her mom, but she's healthy, and tiny (6lbs!!) and beautiful.
    On Saturday, it was Aaron's only day off before a hectic week beginning so I was going to take some time for myself and go shopping. But of course I needed a quick nap first. Went to lay down for a nap around noon, and almost immediately my phone rang. As soon as I saw the name, I knew it was a call about a placement. Our licensing agent told me the situation, baby was born on the 24th, and was being discharged from the hospital today. I looked at Aaron, eyes beaming, goosebumps from head to toe, and said, "We're taking her, right?" And he was like, "Are you sure?" Ya know, being 7 months pregnant and all. But I was sure. So he nodded, and I told her we'd take care. She said another social worker would call me shortly. Sure enough a few minutes later my phone rings again and it's the case worker. I can go pick the baby up, like right now. Holy cow! So much for my nap and shopping spree. Aaron started to unload the newborn stuff, and install the car seat. I told the rest of the kids that I was going to pick up a baby. They were all so excited, but also half ignoring me because they were watching a show. They barely noticed when I left, and Olivia was shocked when I got home about a half hour later with a baby.
           She's been really good. I'm a zombie. Last night she slept from 8-11, and then 12-2, and then woke up at 3 super fussy until about 5:30. The night before was similar. And the night before that I think I was too excited, and she was up every couple of hours, that I literally didn't sleep at all. So yeah, I'm tired. But I also feel really good. I really love the bio mom, and I'm excited to help her. I do think this baby will be reunited with her.
            Everyone is smitten, except maybe Eliza. Who frequently says, "BE QUIET BABY! JUST GO TO SLEEP!" But has occasionally whispered, "She's beautiful." And squealed, "She's so cute!" Olivia has been super helpful, and it's been really good for her. Abigail asks to hold her, and then is over it almost as soon as baby is in her arms. Poor Nathan is so confused about what's going on. He understands it's not the baby from my belly, and that she probably won't be with us forever, so he keeps asking, "Is she gone yet?"
     It's been extra hard because Aaron has had to work a ton the past few days. But I'm super grateful for the support from friends. The strongest emotion has really been gratitude, and peace feeling like this is the right thing. Tired is definitely there too.
        So yes, 32 weeks pregnant, taking care of a newborn + my 4 littles. Life has never been busier, but I've also never felt more fulfilled.

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