Monday, September 15, 2014

Charlotte's Web

We made the trek up to Mesa from Yuma so we could hang out with some favorite friends and see Charlotte's Web at Tempe Center For the Arts. It was so fun! I took Olivia and Abigail, and three of their friends. They all did great and really enjoyed the show.

Here's a GIF of us waiting and snapping some pictures before the show started.

 And here are some pictures I'm pretty were illegally taken. I thought they just said no flash photography, but after the show they said no pictures. So I'm not sure. I just needed to get a picture of the costumes! They did such a great job.
This is Wilbur, after he was fattened up! It's hard to see the details, but it was basically pink, patch work quilt overalls, with a curly pig tail, and a hat with pig ears.

Charlotte's costume was my favorite. It was this big tulle dress, with these sparkly dangling spider legs. Her hair and earrings and wig were all perfection.

Goose, and Sheep!

Templeton! This actor did so great. I loved watching him! I didn't get a good picture of his creepy tail. But it was creepy.

If you live in Mesa, definitely check it out!! It's playing through October 12th, I think. It was definitely worth the three hour trip (one way!). I probably enjoyed it more than the kids. And we had a great discussion on the way home about friendship and working together.  I asked the girls who the hero of the story was and all 5 girls exclaimed, "CHARLOTTE OF COURSE!" But then I asked, "Well what about Templeton? Didn't he have a good point when he said that if he hadn't gone to the dump for those words, Charlotte wouldn't have been able to write them, and they wouldn't have saved Wilbur's life?" And then they all said, "Oh yeah Templeton!" And anyway we went on and on about who the "real" hero was, and what makes someone a hero. It was fun to have such a discussion with a bunch of cute little people. 

While it was worth the trip, I think it will be a while before I travel for 6 hours with 4 kids by myself again. I am still exhausted!

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