Sunday, August 9, 2009


So here are some quick highlights of our NYC trip.
Rooftop by the sea ports. So nice. After hours of walking it was heavenly to sit and enjoy the view.
This cracks me up. Lawn chairs in Time Square. I heard about this, but it was still funny to see.

And my latest belly shot, 28 weeks in Times Square.
Other highlights, not pictured:
  • Entering a Mario Kart contest at Nintendo World
  • Yummiest pizza ever
  • Yummiest cheesecake ever
  • Yummiest lo mein noodles ever
  • Learning to ride the subway
  • Random nice people allowing me to use their employee restroom

Now I'm going to take a bath and put my feet up, while loving grandparents dote over my daughter. I love vacation.

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