Monday, April 21, 2008

"The New Jersey State Bird"

So you have to look closely... but apparently Olivia is truly a Daddy's Girl and also hate the Yankees. My cousins got her a couple Yankee onsies, and my Poppy and husband both despise the Yankees with a passion, so it was fun putting this outfit on Olivia and outraging both of them. However, they had the last laugh when we got these pictures back and noticed Olivia's left hand with only one finger up...
Anyway, the rest of the trip was awesome and wonderful. Hard to say goodbye, as always. We got to spend lots of time with family and everyone fell in love with the cutest baby NJ has ever seen. I owe a shoutout to my Aunt Marita for taking some great family pictures of us! We went to the beach and got some great pictures. I am going to make a slideshow to upload to here as soon as I find a minute. Most of our time was spent parading Olivia all over so she could meet everyone. We did take one night to ourselves, just me and Aaron, and let my mom babysit. We went to this most delicious Italian resturant and it was so wonderful. It's nice being able to leave Olivia with someone you trust so much, and enjoy a night without worrying at all. Don't I sound like such a veteraned mom? My mom also took down my sister's old cradle and set it all up for Olivia. She loved it!! I could feed her, put her in it wide awake and rock her while I fell asleep. She would be perfectly to lay there wide awake as long as she was rocking, and she'd eventually fall asleep on her own, but I'd be asleep before her. This allowed me to get SO much sleep. If she fussed at all and woke me up, all I had to do was give the rocker a little push and silence would follow. So I hoped I could just lay her in her pack and play when we got home and have the same results, but no. She cried and cried unless I was holding her or rocking her somehow. So now I'm trying to convince Aaron that we must buy a cradle, even if she only uses it for another month or two because it was so nice. It was also nice always having someone to hold her and give her lots of attention and change almost every single diaper. (Which by the way was about 90 diapers in 10 days.. and I think I changed her twice!) It's going to be quite the dose of reality settling back into our normal routines.


  1. Oh my gosh that is seriously hilarious!!! Look what you are already teaching your precious little girl j/k. That is really funny though and I am happy to hear that you had a fun trip seeing family and being able to show off your beautiful little girl to family.

  2. Lauren...
    FYI, Kate just told me that the picture you have of Olivia in her Yankee uniform was taken by me using Kate's phone!!!! How do you like that?????? Wow, I'm GOOD!!!!
    Love you! Aunt Marita

  3. just saw all ur pics on myspace. LOVE HER SO MUCH!!!!! you guys are the cutest family and your parents and grandparents look thrilled!!! lots and lots and lots of luck and God bless that little bundle!!! maybe next time I get to see her she'll be awake!!! lol :)

  4. That Yankee pic is just the first of many comical moments to come, for sure. I'm glad you're back and blogging since I've been waiting for more pics.

  5. I LOVE IT! I think every parent should have at least one of those pics from at least one of their children! :)
    I'm so glad you had such a good trip and that you are back! We missed you in YW! See you tomorrow!